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NIHR ARC NWL is the national lead for Cardiovascular Disease.

The Child Population Health, Multimorbidity, and Digital Health  research themes aim to address local and national health and care priorities from the first 1001 days into adulthood, utilising the strengths of committed healthcare professionals, academics and patients. These themes aim to achieve major population health impact, learning from and contributing to international experience. The fourth research theme, Innovation and Evaluation, contributes to Northwest London infrastructure, capitalising on world-class discovery science in the Imperial AHSC. This will drive the rapid spread of innovations in prevention, early diagnosis and better, targeted treatments, to benefit patients, including frugal innovations from low- and middle-income countries, sharing learning within and beyond the local area.

The four research themes will be supported by three crosscutting themes: Information and Intelligence; Patient, Public, Community Engagement and Involvement; and Collaborative Learning and Capacity Building. They will produce generalisable research on how to maximise the efficiency of health improvement programmes and support high quality services.

Underpinning this work is significant investments in informatics capability in Northwest London. This includes information from the Whole Systems Integrated Care (WSIC) Programme, which was established to facilitate better co-ordinated care, particularly for patients with complex health needs. The primary care, acute, mental health, community and adult social care data for 2.2 million people contained within it will drive the evaluation of patient journeys through the health and care system in Northwest London.

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As time passed, we adapted our research to respond to the immediate and longer-term challenges of COVID-19 and the affects of the pandemic. The NIHR ARCs and Academic Health Science Networks (AHSNs) collaborated to support post-pandemic priorities via the NHS Insights Prioritisation Programme (NIPP), which was set up to accelerate the evaluation and implementation of promising innovations – selected for their potential to support the evolution of post-pandemic ways of working, build service resilience and deliver ongoing benefits to patients.

In collaboration with Imperial College Health Partners NIHR ARC NWL's NIPP project focuses on  Improving early identification and management of chronic kidney disease.

We have also adapted to meet the growing priorities of the NIHR

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