Collaborative Learning Events

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Why is it Important?

A collaborative approach to learning emphasises the role social interaction plays in effective learning. Learning when seen as a social phenomenon (delivered through interactions and experience rather than didactic teaching), rather than an individual one, allows better understanding of a range of perspectives on real world problems experienced by practitioners.

Who will Benefit?

Open to all healthcare professionals, carers, patients, academics, third sector and industry partners in northwest London, who have an interest in translating evidence into practice and achieve improvements in health behaviours and population health.

What's Involved?

Half-day long events will showcase projects and work done by the seven themes in NIHR ARC NWL and allow networking and collaborative learning through a series of workshops, plenary and innovative interactive sessions.

When does it happen?

The collaborative learning events will be held twice a year. 

The next event will be held in Autumn 2023, visit our Events Page for more information and to book your place.

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