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Working together for patient and public involvement in healthcare improvement and research 

Why is it Important?

The number of people living with multimorbidity and mental health conditions has been steadily rising.  A combination of physical and mental health conditions experienced by one person are often assessed and treated by a variety of service providers. The result is that care of people with multimorbidity is often fragmented, being overseen by numerous professionals in primary and specialist care, leading to problems such as polypharmacy and a lack of a holistic care. In addition, people living with multimorbidity and mental health conditions often have poor health outcomes and quality of life; and are high users of NHS services, whilst some individuals and communities are more disadvantaged than others.

Our aspirations

By carrying out collaborations in research and evaluation we aim to better understand health and care needs of the NWL population who live with multimorbidity and mental health conditions. We aim to learn how to effectively and efficiently achieve improvements in care, and support service providers and users to achieve better experience of healthcare and health outcomes. We will set out to collaborate with researchers, service providers, service users and lay people to progress research and to support service improvement.

What are we doing?

Collaborative learning, evaluation and research.

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