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The Ethnicity and Health Unit was formed at Imperial College London in 2021 to address both challenges and act as a beacon of real-life change, with the vision of advancing health equality for ethnically diverse communities through cutting-edge research. 

Working with our local network of community-facing organisations that support people from ethnically diverse backgrounds, we aim to generate new research findings leading to real-world health improvements for people from ethnically diverse backgrounds. 

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We exist to apply an evidence-based approach to addressing health inequality

Why is it important?

Health inequality is a complex and pressing public health challenge. 


The COVID-19 pandemic has thrown into even sharper focus the health inequalities affecting the UK’s ethnic minority communities. These issues existed previously but the pandemic has exacerbated and highlighted them. A similar story emerges around common health conditions such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes. 


Much more evidence is required to fully understand and address these inequalities. We employ the best research design and methodology to enhance the scientific evidence which can inform policy, practice, and decision-making for a more equal world. 

What do we hope to achieve?


What is the benefit?

Working with NHS England

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The publication of the Medical Workforce Race Equality Standard report in 2021 identified the racial disparity experienced by BME doctors in terms of recruitment, promotion, pay, experience of bullying and harassment, and representation in senior positions. This was especially evident for international medical graduates and specialty and associate specialist doctors. 

The NHS England Medical Workforce Race Equality Standard will focus on five domains:

The International Medical Graduates NHS Induction Programme is included in the NHSE plan of five actions within Medical Workforce Race Equality Standard under Domain 4. NIHR ARC Northwest London and the Ethnicity and Health unit lead the development and launch of the International Medical Graduates NHS Induction Programme including the assessment of the IMG Induction Pilot which informed the programme. This evaluation confirmed the benefits of the induction in the early settling down phase as well as confirming its effectiveness.

You can view a copy of the Medical Workforce Race Equality Standard  and a copy of the Assessment the IMG Induction Pilot Report below.

MWRES The First Five 2023.pdf
Assessing the IMG Induction Pilot Report 31 December 2022.docx

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