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Collaborative Learning and Capacity Building

Developing learning environments that provide people with the knowledge, skills and competencies to achieve improvements in complex systems


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The Collaborative Learning and Capacity Building (CLCB) Theme Workstreams and activities will be aligned to answer the research questions for the theme with the overarching aim of enabling NIHR ARC NWL to be a national centre of excellence for research on health improvement. 

People learn better when they learn together: patients and community members learning alongside healthcare professionals and academics builds relationships across traditional boundaries, enriches learning, and promotes collaborative working. To ensure direct relevance of our work, we will work closely with NHS and social care partners to evaluate and adapt local capacity building activity, building on our successful track record. The applied nature of this work will ensure that research in the theme directly and quickly influences capacity building approaches in the sector.

Aim of the CLCB Theme

To understand the mechanisms through which people – including academics, healthcare professionals and patients – learn and work together to translate evidence and achieve improvements in health behaviours and population health. 

This theme will develop an understanding of how to build individual, organisational and system capacity for improving health behaviours and health outcomes, enabling people to make changes to meet the individual patient and population needs of the diverse communities in NWL.

Workstream Focus Areas:


Formal Teaching and Training

Learning and Training Activities