PhD Student Support

PhD Student Support

Why is it Important?

To maximise skills and strengths, encourage student motivation and values of working within an applied health and care research setting for all PhD students within the NIHR ARC NWL Themes. In addition to professional and pastoral support provided by Imperial College London, students will have access to peer support with other PhD students in the programme and a planned system of integration within the activities of the programme.

Who will Benefit?

We offer a 3-year PhD programme for six world-class applied health research PhD projects focused around our 7 research priorities. Covering a wide range of research opportunities with access to state-of-the-art research facilities and excellent training opportunities.

The PhD students engaged in NIHR ARC NWL activities and themes will receive peer support from world-leading academics

What's Involved?

PhD students will have access to a peer-support network session, with initial set-up facilitated by Fiona Moss, followed by students chairing and organising sessions amongst themselves. The sessions could include sign-posting, sharing information on courses, conferences and professional development opportunities, practising presentations (conferences, early stage/late stage reviews, Viva etc.) in a safe environment, academic writing, working with Industry and delivering presentations workshops.

When does it happen?

6 PhD students have been recruited July 2020 for the 3-year programme. Meetings happen once a term.