Training Workshops and Short Learning Courses

Training Workshops and Short Learning Courses

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A group work together

Why is it Important?

Training workshops and short learning courses will support those interested in continual improvement and population health but do not have time to study full-length courses or participate in the internship/fellowship. The workshops and courses will provide learners with “just enough” knowledge to be able to perform a task or to have a more specialised skill. The workshops and learning courses could help improve and update an individual’s knowledge and skill-set to improve their career prospects as well as supporting improvements in the health of the public within northwest London.

Who will Benefit?

Open to all healthcare professionals, carers, patients, academics, third sector and industry partners in northwest London, who have an interest in translating evidence into practice and achieve improvements in health behaviours and population health.

What's Involved?

Workshops could be half-day or full-day and could be stand-alone or a series of learning sessions delivered in a variety of formats including interactive group-based activities, action-research type ‘learning lab’ workshops, lectures, podcasts and webinars. Where possible these will be integrated with online resources including the global masters in public health MOOC and QI4U.

When does it happen?

A planned series of workshops delivered throughout the year. Some workshops will be repeated based on demand from the northwest London sector.