Evaluation Learning Network

What is the Evaluation Learning Network?

The Evaluation Learning Network is an inaugural workshop series spread across the calendar year. The Innovation & Evaluation Theme’s extensive experience in capacity building across the sector and suggestions about needs and aspirations of potential participants have shaped the content and format of the Evaluation Learning Network.

The Evaluation Learning Network is intended to be a platform where participants can improve their evaluation expertise and receive support with their current evaluation projects. 

What is the aim and objective if the Evaluation Learning Network?

Our aim is to study and improve the uptake of evidence-based healthcare innovation through studying the implementation of new ideas in the healthcare sector.

The main objective of the Evaluation Learning Network will be to create an environment where participants can: 

Why is this important?

Innovation is an essential part of healthcare. Yet, even despite strong supporting evidence, not all new ideas, technologies or processes are widely used and adopted across the healthcare setting. Further, even when they are adopted, they may not have the desired effect, and may change the way healthcare is delivered in ways that were not anticipated.

A structured and well-planned evaluation can be an invaluable tool to better understand the effects and effectiveness of a newly implemented healthcare innovation. By providing a general roadmap for conducting evaluations, and supplementing this with real-world experiences from ongoing projects, we aim to provide our participants with the tools necessary to perform and conduct their own evaluations.

What will I learn?

The series of workshops spread across the calendar year and cover topics pertaining to Planning an evaluation, Conducting an evaluation and Reporting, Communication and Follow-up.

Who is the workshop for?

The workshop is open to wide range of professionals with an interest in the evaluation space, included but not limited to:

If you are currently involved in an evaluation project and would like to share your experiences during one of the workshops, please reach out to us via this email address.

When is the next Evaluation Learning Network?

The next round of Evaluation Learning Networks will take place in 2024.

Previous Evaluation Learning Networks


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