ARC Outreach Alliance: Young People's Open Minds in Northwest London

Young People’s Advisory Group (YPAG)

YPAG illustration

YPAG is a ARC Outreach Alliance (AOA) mental health network, primarily for children and young people from Northwest London. 

The group has been established in partnership with Listen to Act, to help inform and shape network activities, as well as the wider work of promoting the importance of mental health research for and by children and young people

All of our young advisors are 14-25 year olds who live, work or attend an educational institution in Northwest London.

To learn more about YPAG, and its award-winning work of informing, advising and building infrastructure and knowledge within young people's mental health research in Northwest London, visit this webpage regularly, and join the AOA network using the super quick e-form linked below.


“I attended a training with the ARC Outreach Alliance and it was fun and very helpful! It was a training about improving your Presentation and Public Speaking Skills. At the end of the training, my presenting, speaking and confidence skills had improved a lot, after we had to make our own presentation taking into account the common mistakes people make when presenting, like making a presentation that has very words slides.” 

"Overall, I really enjoyed the Youth Mental health First Aid course. I found it very interesting and useful. I've learned lots of new things and would defintiely recommend it to others"


"I like contributing to articles"

"I am happy to partake in the editing of research"

The Group

"I like being part of it - it feels quite revolutionary"

'Really good. Super lovely, comfortable environment. It is a safe space to say what you want to say. I think young people would want to be a part of it.'

Want to get involved?

Are you aged 14-25? Are you looking for an opportunity to lead conversations on mental health and influence research priorities? 

Join other young people from across NW London as part of the Young People's Advisory Group (YPAG) within the ARC Outreach Alliance infrastructure.

YPAG members have led in creating and maintaining an inclusive, open and supportive culture within the group with a focus on sharing, peer support and training to allow them to contribute with confidence.

Listen to Act working in partnership with the ARC Outreach Alliance

Providing young people with space to discuss mental health priorities

The YPAG is managed by Listen to Act, a London-based charity organisation with over a decade of experience working at a grassroots level with people who find it difficult to get heard due to age, ethnicity, mental/physical health conditions or disabilities. 

Born from a collaboration with Imperial College London and the NIHR ARC Northwest London, the ARC Outreach Alliance has partnered with Listen to Act to deliver a groundbreaking project designed to explore the mental health priorities of young people.

Visit the Listen to Act website to find out more, or email Alex Weston (YPAG Coordinator) using the link to the left.