Cross-theme working

Mapping clusters of multimorbidity in Northwest London

The aim of this work is firstly to ascertain naturally occurring patterns or clusters of health conditions among people living in Northwest London, and secondly to use this to provide a basis for prioritisation of future research within the multimorbidity theme. For example, it is likely that heart disease, high blood pressure and smoking co-occur within individuals, but there may also be new patterns of disease clusters not previously recognized or prioritised. This research uses anonymised health data from the 2.4 million residents of North West London through the Whole Systems Integrated Care (WSIC) dataset and is being undertaken in collaboration with ARC Northwest London’s Information and Intelligence Theme.

Self-care and self-management among people living with multimorbidity (with the Self-Care Applied Research Unit)

The aim of this research is to understand approaches to supporting self-care and self-management used by service providers and users and their anticipated future needs.